Dan Dillon

Dan got hooked into RPGs by accident when a childhood friend was cleaning out some bookshelves. A few flips through salvaged AD&D core books, and that was that. Over 25 years later, Dan is putting that experience to use as a designer and developer for multiple publishers, including Rogue Genius Games, Christina Styles Presents, Kobold Press, and Total Party Killgames. Most of this work is in his guise as Death of the Four Horsemen writing team, but he peeks out from under the cowl now and again. True to his moniker, Dan enjoys designing challenging encounters, lethal monsters, and rewards that match the risk. After all, if there's no chance of death, success just tastes bland. He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with his unbelievably supportive wife, and 2 gamers-in-training. 

Website: facebook.com/fourhorsemenofficial