Building Blocks: Active Reputation



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In the modern world, it is often more valuable to be famous than to actually be skilled at doing anything useful. People are more likely able to name the stars of a reality TV show than their own elected officials. They can list off the hottest celebrity nightclubs and restaurants more readily than they can the capitals of the States or even major nations around the globe. And those lucky few who have captured the public's imagination can ons merely through the power of their notoriety. Also featured are details on the organization Campbell Daniels Industries-a highly successful real estate and construction firm that is most notable for the thrill-seeking, publicity-grabbing exploits of its owner, Campbell Daniels (for whom there is a fully fleshed-out NPC write-up).

What is a Building Block?

Each product in the Building Blocks line presents a collection of thematically linked material applicable to a wide variety of modern d20 System campaigns. This material falls into three broad categories-an Organization, an NPC, and Optional Rules.