Fall of Man



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The End is Now

Welcome to the End of the World! Or maybe it's the beginning? We're still fighting over that point. In fact, there's a lot of fighting now that two worlds have collided. It can be a bit confusing. Luckily I am here to help you out, with notes on everything you need to know about the Fall of Man.

  • Learn about the powers of Arcane Focus, Faith Focus, Mutation Focus, and Technology Focus, and how well they don't play together.
  • Gain insights into the canites, energivores, hanites, and reborn, new races all fighting for their places in what's left of the worlds.
  • Plus gear, monsters, npcs, new skills, and all the details you need to run a Pathfinder-compatible post-apocalypse campaign with a twist.

It’s not just adventure, it’s survival