5e M: Oceans of Blood



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Welcome to Oceans of Blood the first in Rogue Genius Games’ line of 5e Monster Menagerie conversions. The theme is threats of the sea, with an emphasis on monsters that bite, tear, and rend. Designer Rich Howard has converted Sam Hing’s original aquatic adversaries into 5e, providing you with creatures ranging from the mindless CR 1 harpoon weed to the incomprehensible CR 14 anemone behemoth, with enough surprises in between to spice up seaborne adventures of any level. We’re confident that you’ll find something useful in this, our first 5e Monster Menagerie. We have chummed the pages to draw out the nastiest of swimming slayers, and they’re ready to make your players afraid to go back to the beach. Dive in, and see how warm the red waters are.