Everyman Iconics: Kyr'shin



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Battle with style!

Within, you’ll find the following:

  • Kyr’shin Yilenzo, Everyman Gaming’s iconic Kitsune Cavalier / Fighter.
  • Includes a detailed character gazetteer, featuring Kyr’shin’s vital statistics and character history.
  • A full, easy-to-reference 20-level character build including full information on classes, archetypes, feats, character traits, stamina and tricks, and mount.
  • Seven stat blocks designed to allow GMs to use Kyr’shin Yilenzo as an NPC in their campaigns. Includes information to rebuild Kyr’shin as a human character on the fly.
  • Three pregenerated character sheets that allow GMs to hand a 1st, 3rd, or 7th-level version of Kyr’shin to a player for quickly playing.