Everyman Unchained: Fighters



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Everyman Gaming LLC returns to their acclaimed Everyman Unchained series with an all-new unchained base class! Created by popular demand, the fighter finally gets his turn at the unchaining table with Everyman Unchained: Fighters!

Written by the mind behind some of the most innovative martial content, Everyman Unchained: Fighters takes many of the advances made to the fighter class in recent years and combines them together into a proper, 20-level base class complete with new class features and new options to choose from.

Everyman Unchained: Fighters includes:

  • The Unchained Fighter, a warrior who uses overwhelming stamina and determination honed by advanced weapon and armor trainings to defeat enemies with overwhelming martial skill.
  • An updated list of fighter weapon groups, including a compiled list of fan-favorite weapons from throughout the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
  • Three new advanced weapon groups that allow fighters to specialize in finesse, performance, and primitive weaponry.
  • Unchained versions of every fighter archetype from a vast assortment of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game hardcover that are compatible with the new base class presented within, ranging from the Advanced Player's Guide through Occult Adventures.
  • Four pages of new feats to customize your fighter, including often-requested abilities like Aerial Assault, as well as several new weapon mastery and armor mastery feats.
  • And much more!

 With Everyman Gaming, innovation is never more than a page away!