Owen K.C. Stephens


Owen Kirker Clifford Stephens was born in 1970 in Norman, Oklahoma. He was introduced to gaming by his uncle in 1979 (though his uncle later claimed no memory of the event) and was instantly hooked. Owen became interested in creating both novels and rpg materials, and submitted to every magazine and publisher he could find information for. Every fiction submission was rejected and all the RPG articles published, so Owen became a freelance RPG writer.

Owen moved to the Seattle area in 2000 after accepting a job as a Game Designer at Wizards of the Coast. While there, he worked on numerous Star Wars Roleplaying Game projects and the Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game. Fourteen months later, he returned to Oklahoma and picked up his freelance career. He has written freelance for numerous companies, including Green Ronin, Kobold Publishing, Paizo, Steve Jackson Games, White Wolf, and Wizards of the Coast and worked on RPGs tied to the Black Company, Song of Ice and Fire, Star Wars, and Thieves World books and movies as well as the d20 Modern, EverQuest, Gamma World, and Golarion game worlds.

In 2009 Owen began freelance writing Pathfinder-compatible material for Super Genius Games, and eventually became part of the company as its Lead Developer. By October of 2013, he overseen writing or developing a new product to be released every week (without fail) for four years.  In late 2013 he left Super Genius Games and started its spiritual cousin, Rogue Genius Games (and also became the Pathfinder Developer for Green Ronin).

In 2014 Owen was hired to be a developer for Paizo, and moved to the Seattle area. He now spends his days in the Paizo offices, and puts on his mask to become a third-party publisher at night! He has worked as design lead on the Pathfinder Modules line, and the Pathfinder Player companion line. Obviously working for three game companies is a major time investment, but Owen still loves hearing from other gamers. Though it may take him a bit to get back to you, you can reach him at owen@roguegeniusgames.com.