Rich Howard


Rich Howard's obsession with gaming started in 1977 when his older brother finally let him invade his AD&D game. Since his first sleep spell, Rich has wandered the world of roleplaying, board, and computer games; as fascinated with their potential to teach, as to entertain.

After talking to Paizo editor, James Sutter, at World Fantasy 2012 he realized that the skills he'd cultivated as a writer, and his decades of gaming experience, could finally be used to give something back to the industry that gave him so much joy. A year later, he had the honor of meeting and working with one of his industry heroes, Christina Stiles, who gave him his first professional freelance gigs and opened the door to his dream. He will be forever grateful to her.

In addition to designing, developing, and writing for Christina Stiles Presents, Misfit Studios, Kobold Press, and Rogue Genius Games, Rich contributes two weekly columns for the online magazine, and is a regular guest on the Dungeon Masters' Block podcast.

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