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Unfortunately, we lost our friend, Joshua, on Tuesday, August 26, 2014.

The last time we chatted with him, we had to ask a hard question - when he is gone, where did he want us to send his share of the money from the Theta Files .pdfs he released through us? He asked that we donate any money he'd have earned to Bikers Against Child Abuse.

In accordance with his wishes, we are donating ALL proceeds we receive for the Theta Files to B.A.C.A., we've created a bundle to allow purchase with one click, and added a dollar to the cost to increase the amount of money donated in his memory.

We are honored to have been the publisher Joshua chose for his Theta Files products.

Here is where you can buy the bundle:

Here is B.A.C.A.'s FB page:


Joshua Gullion lives in the one of those OTHER towns in Illinois that are not Chicago. Having been playing make believe with friends for the better part of three decades he has shared more adventures, quests, runs and missions than could ever hope to be counted. Most well known around the circles of publishers and designers of 3PP products for the Pathfinder game system Joshua for quite some time as the reviewer KTFish7. Making the step behind the curtain and taking a position with that led to his becoming the lead PDF development and designer for the last two years of his life. These days he continues to work with AaW, while developing his series of characters for the Mutants & Masterminds game system with Rogue Genius Games.
He also runs Thoughts With Broken Dice!